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Top 10 online tools for homework help

When assignments start piling up and deadlines are creeping nearer and nearer, it’s easy for students to feel so overwhelmed by their work that they don’t even know where to begin. There’s no shame in needing a bit of support to do your homework – college is a stressful time, and it’s important to take advantage of whatever homework help you can get.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources online that can offer help with college homework. Take advantage of these websites and databases to make doing your homework easier and more fun.

  1. My Homework Done
  2. This site provides custom writing for students who don’t have time to get their work done on their own – while still letting each student work with a professional writer to dictate the particulars of your assignment. That way, each student can be confident that the finished product they hand in is exactly what is required of them.

    Students can also access consultants here, if all they need is someone to help guide them through the essay writing process. This site makes it easy for you to finish your assignments on time and to the best of your ability, thanks to the support and help of these professional academic writers. If you still think 'Who will do my homework' – this site is your choice.

  3. HippoCampus
  4. This free site offers online homework help on a number of core academic subjects for students of any age or learning level. With animations, videos, and even simulations, students can study, get help with their homework, or prepare for exams on their own time. HippoCampus features multimedia instructional content to give students the tools to effectively learn any subject matter.

  5. Discovery Education
  6. The interactive resources available online for homework aid at Discovery Education use videos, contests, games, and even virtual labs to enrich a student’s learning. If you need to get assistance, the free materials on this site can help with subjects like math, science, social studies, and languages. College homework can even seem easier with a more solid understanding of even these basic things, giving you more tools to tackle your tougher assignments and meet challenging deadlines.

  7. HomeworkNYC
  8. Thanks to a partnership between New York City libraries, HomeworkNYC gives students plenty of help doing homework and researching subjects through the use of social media. Students can be supported and get homework help by collaborating and networking with their peers. This site is also available as an app to make it even easier for college students to access homework help online any time they need it.

  9. RefDesk Homework Helper
  10. This site offers homework help for students from elementary school through college, divided into easy-to-navigate subject categories. Students who need help with research homework can find a great selection of research tools to guide their online searches and ensure they are getting the best information available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information online, and this website can help streamline the process so you don’t waste precious time looking for somewhere to access the resources you need.

  11. HomeworkSpot
  12. With facts and information covering a huge variety of topics, this site is a great resource for students looking for online homework help. HomeworkSpot links to online encyclopedias, evaluating resources, study tips, and even educational games and activities to provide students with a much needed break from their homework while keeping their minds engaged. A wonderful resource for students at any grade level, HomeworkSpot is a great tool to help you succeed and get the most from your education.

  13. LibrarySpot
  14. A sister-site to HomeworkSpot, LibrarySpot is specifically useful for students looking for college homework help on research projects or essays. The site answers tons of questions on a wide variety of topics, and gives students the help they need to embark on intimidating research assignments. The Reference Desk has links to a huge list of websites that can provide basic information on a number of topics, and the Reading Room is a great resource where students can begin learning about a particular subject.

  15. Project Gutenberg
  16. This free database of ebooks is a great place for students to start looking for homework aid online. Audiobooks, CD and DVDs, and electronically published texts are all available in this catalogued collection that students can easily search to access the particular information they require for their research assignments. The site aims to “encourage the creation and distribution of ebooks” by making this wonderful technology accessible at no charge to students everywhere. Feel free to check it if you need help on homework.

  17. CliffsNotes
  18. Created by real professors and teachers, the study guides and information provided by CliffsNotes offers students a clear and easy-to-understand breakdown of materials in a wide variety of subjects. CliffsNotes has been around for decades, helping students learn effectively and efficiently with just a little bit of extra help

    These guides can be accessed online to help students do homework, or on the go thanks to the CliffsNotes app. That way, students can feel confident that they will always have the help and support they need, no matter where they are.

  19. Internet Public Library
  20. The Internet Public Library is a fantastic resource where students can access online homework help and plenty of free reference material. If you think 'Who can help me do my homework'. These links are separated into categories so students can easily browse for whatever information they may be searching for, without feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of resources available online. Homework help is easy to find with this excellent database at your fingertips.