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How to use prepositions in your essay

Prepositions are the small words such as in, on, at, and to which help to connects various ideas and explanations. Preposition helps to understand the direction, condition and purpose of information the writer is trying to convey to readers. There are no certain rules to use prepositions in essays, we just use them unintentionally.

However there are no certain ways to use the right preposition. Unfortunately, misuse of preposition is observed in such a way that misused prepositions started to sound right now. Only practice by reading different articles can enable an individual to use the right prepositions.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the common mistakes people make when using preposition in their essay writing. Read on!

  1. Using Preposition At The End Of A Sentence

    One of the most common mistakes is to end a sentence with preposition. It is considered as grammatically incorrect to end a sentence with preposition no matter the length of the sentence.

    For instance, where is my phone at? It is grammatically incorrect as it is ending with preposition at. This can be corrected such as where is my phone? Therefore, it is evident to conclude that an individual must not use preposition if it is not necessary.

  2. Excessive Use Of Prepositions

    The second most popular mistake that students make is excessive use of prepositions in a single sentence. This scenario makes sentence wordy due to which it became difficult for readers to understand the actual information in the essay. One of most popular mistake is the use of "of" rather than "have". People keep doing this mistake without realizing that this is grammatically incorrect.

  3. Unnecessary Use of Preposition

    Another mistake is the use of preposition where it is not needed. This mistake can be overcome by carefully analyzing that whether it is really necessary or not. Sometimes, pronouns may be used instead of prepositions to convey the right information.

    There are numerous mistakes that are unintentionally made in writing especially in use of prepositions. Whenever motion of some object is happening in any sentence, there must be use "into" rather than "in". For instance, David jumped in to river is incorrect as two prepositions are used "in" and "to" at same time.

    It can be observed that this sentence is representing motion therefore use of "into" is appropriate in this sentence. A specific form of verb named as infinitives must be accompanied by prepositions. Infinitives includes to run, to dance and to think etc. Whenever infinitive verb is to be used in a sentence, it must be accompanied with a suitable preposition.

  4. Using Preposition with different expressions

    Another most common mistake is to use prepositions with different expressions such as age, color, length etc. It is not advisable to use unnecessary prepositions in sentences.

    It is evident to conclude that writers often use unnecessary preposition in their sentences. Such unnecessary uses of prepositions make sentences complex and often vague. There are no specific rules for appropriate use of prepositions however unnecessary use of prepositions must be avoided.

    It is quite important for writer to avoid most popular mistakes made for selecting appropriate preposition. However, one way to learn is for writers to seek essay writing help from professionals. They can learn more from the high quality papers delivered by these professionals.