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Most common mistakes in school essays

Students always make mistakes while writing essays in school. These mistakes can be of minor nature or opposite of that. One of the important aspects of mistakes in writing is the learning process with which students learn various writing tactics.

There are various tactics with which essays can be likely attractive for readers. Here, few common mistakes that students often make in writing essay are highlighted.

  1. Spelling Mistakes

    One of the most common mistakes that students make when they write essay is the spelling mistake. Spelling mistake is often unintentionally. Usually this mistake is occurred due to incorrect homophones which include the words with similar pronunciation such as right and write etc.

    Second most common mistake is the non-usage of comma before a coordinating conjunction. Students often forgot to put comma before a coordinating conjunction due to which sentence becomes a run on. However, students use different acronyms instead of using comma there.

  2. Using More of Passive Voices

    Another common mistake students make when writing essays is missing of main subject or action. In this scenario, students do not use the verb which shows the action being performed; this often named as sentence fragments.

    Comma has significant role as it connects two different phrases in introductory part or other sentences in writing. Two similar phrases which are intended to convey similar meaning must be connected with a comma. Students unintentionally forgot to add comma while continuing two phrases.

  3. Wordiness

    Another most common mistake is wordiness in which students repeat words to convey a single message. In this scenario, students use repeated words or different words with similar meanings to convey a message. A long explanation of core message also causes the trouble for readers to understand the information in the essay.

    The only solution of this mistake is to identify long phrases which are vague in meaning and to replace those with easy and short phrases. Further, students can overcome this by eliminating weak words such as basically and sort of to replace them with suitable words.

  4. Punctuation

    One of the most common mistakes is the punctuation in writing. Students often forgot to add comma or add colon instead of colon. Therefore, a proper punctuation rules must be learned to students that how to systematically punctuate text. For instance, students use comma where there is no need to use comma; this is known as comma splicing. In this scenario, a sentence can be continued without using comma. It is suggested that students must learn effective use of colon, semicolon and comma for attractive writing.

    Students make different types of mistakes in writing either of minor or major nature. These all mistakes are likely to create a negative impact on readers and develop a habit due to which students continue to repeat those mistakes.

    However these mistakes can be corrected by providing students with extra concentration. Special classes can be conducted to educate students that what are the most common mistakes that you used to make in writing and how you can overcome those mistakes with little effort. Students can also avoid these mistakes and improve their writing by seeking writing help.