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Davida Gavioli is from Milan. She graduated from the University of Bergamo in Italy and earned a PhD from Penn State University. She has taught at Oberlin and Colby Colleges and currently teaches at Bowdoin College. Davida enjoys the exchange of cultures that occurs during class and believes that no Italian course is complete without an Italian/Indian feast at her house. She teaches Italian III and works as a tutor at writing service from UK.  

Danielle Tognato 
is from Padova, Italy. She started teaching Italian at Let's talk in January, 2011. Her sense of humor and gentle, encouraging style creates a relaxed atmosphere in class. Danielle also teaches Tai chi and Qi gong. She teaches She teaches Italian I and II.

Christiane Guillois 
is from Paris, France where she earned a PhD in English and American literature. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Université of Caen, in France. When in the U.S., she often teaches French, and has taught at Colby College. She enjoys discussing current events, comparing cultures, writing stories with students, and working with written, oral and visual aids such as popular music. She teaches French III and she is hosts of the weekly Dîner, a French conversation hour.

Nathalie Choquette is from St. Hyacinthe, Québec. She has taught French at Let's Talk for seven years. Nathalie's classes are dynamic and include role playing, music, games, and videos. She provides lots opportunities to speak French in class. Each spring the class goes to Québec to try typical Québec food and become immersed in the culture. She makes her own podcasts to help students practice French pronunciation on their own. She teaches French I and II, and will be offering a French class for kids starting this fall. 

Emma Garcia
is from Mexico and is a Spanish professor at Colby College. She teaches Spanish level III and hosts the weekly Spanish Cena.

Claritza Hurdle
is from the Dominican Republic and is a Spanish teacher at Winslow Middle School. She teaches Spanish Levels I and II and will be offering a Spanish class for kids starting this fall. 

   Christiane Guillios                   Davida Gavioli         Nathalie Choquette                  Danielle Tognato

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